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Vibrationists are symbolists from every field of endeavor who respect intuition as fundamental to knowing. They are inspired creators who are compelled to imagine. Their visions make waves.

Vibrationists watch vibratory waves unfold. Through practice they learn to sense the nature of patterns as they shift and reform when modified by sympathetic waves. They know how to identify circulation blockages and how to release them with creativity.

Vibrationists are individuals who understand the art of flow. They appreciate the fact that all manifestation first appears as vibration. They understand that these vibrations are the Spirit, essence, or energy in motion (emotion) of manifesting ideas.

Vibrationists understand that visionary thought can transform a wave's nature at a vibrational level and that it is infinitely more effective to fine tune creations before they fully manifest.

Vibrationists explore Spirit. They know that Spirit is free-flowing unconditional love. They know that Spirit channeled through thought produces wave patterns of energy. They know that waves resonate into concretion, where they remain as testaments to the quality of their originating vibratory impulse.


The Art of Flow

Vibrations manifest as waves. Many vibrations make many waves. Those that resonate with one another coalesce.

Vibrationism is a craft of inspiration on a vision quest of intentional creation , We are going with the flow,


Offering Appreciation

Patterns of thought & speech are mantric formulas which produce attractive vibrational fields.

Hence, the more we focus on something, the more we get of it. A life appreciated is a life lived in appreciation.


We Create our own Reality